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  • £18 Per Day
  • £10 Per Each Additional Day


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Sous Vide Hire

Buffalo Sous Vide Water Bath for Rental 12.5Ltr

With an electronic display, this highly compact and easy to use Buffalo Sous Vide Water Bath features a highly robust, stainless steel body and lid. It is extremely durable whilst exceptionally easy to clean. The water is circulated, which improves the temperature consistency throughout the tank. Large LCD display screen and easy to use control panel make this a reliable and practical machine capable of high levels of output.

  • Brand: Buffalo
  • Stainless steel body and lid
  • LCD display
  • Low water Level Detection Alarm Device
  • 0-99hr timer
  • Temperature control within 0.5°C
  • Dimensions 280(H)x 415(W)x 265(D)mm
  • Fuel Type Electric
  • Power Type 650W. 2.8A.
  • Voltage 230V

Sous Vide Rental

A revolutionary new cooking technique. See what you can do with your cooking and experiment with this sous vide for hire now in London, the South East and Nationally.

Sous Vide Water Bath Rental Available Now


Question 1: Can this be used in a commercial kitchen?

Answer 1: Yes this item can be used in a residential, commercial or event kitchen.

Question 2: Is this supplied with a sous vide vacuum pack sealer?

Answer 2: No it's not supplied with a sealer. However, if you need this just get in touch and we will assist. 

Question 3: Is sous vide rental available in my location?

Answer 3: Most likely yes. We can deliver ourselves to a wide part of the south-east. We can deliver nationally ourselves for larger order or via courier nationally.